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Avalon Bay EcoSpin


Avalon Bay EcoSpin

Portable Hand Cranked Manual Clothes Non-Electric Washing Machine and Spin Dryer. Counter Top Washer/Dryer for Power Outages, Apartments, or Delicates.

Price $180.42

IVA Included

  • The unique design of the Avalon Bay EcoSpin features none of the agitators or heating elements that destroy your clothes. With EcoSpin, your clothes will come out 95% dry so you reduce the time it takes to dry clothes.
  • It can also be used to wash your clothes! Add just 4.5L to 5L of water and watch your clothes be clean in minutes. It works best on smaller items. Larger tasks we would recommend EcoWash for the pressurized cleaning.
  • The EcoSpin portable spin dryer/washing machine is a huge money-saver. It requires no electricity to run, and it uses only a fraction of the amount of water and soap/detergent used by electric washing machines. Skip the laundry mat and start going Eco.
  • The lightweight, highly portable EcoSpin spin dryer and washing machine can be used virtually anywhere such as a dorm, off-grid, apartment, boats, RVs, camping, and fishing. No matter where you are in life, EcoSpin has got your back.

Tips from users:

Tip: Although it can handle 5 lbs of laundry, you also need to consider the size of the opening, and wet material swells and can be difficult to remove from the drum. I would suggest doing these in a bathtub with a plunger or the old grape stomp routine. And leave under a cold water shower rinse, and drain before drying. Handles T shirts, jeans and or sweat pants well. Does excellent on those type items.

Tip: When draining water spin at the same time. You will have to hold it down with your other arm when spinning.

1. Only put water to Max line unless you are pre-soaking. I fill up to pre-soak and drain some before I do the wash part.
2. You only need 1 tablespoon of soap. Unless you want to do more than one rinse cycle.
3. I set a time to do 2 min. of cranking of washing. Go at your own speed.
4. When draining wash or rinse water. Spin as it is draining. You get more water out of the clothes

Tip: As a starter, put your clothes first and then the water to see how it holds. It took a few tries to get it right but I was able to drain without getting water everywhere. After washing 6 successful loads I can now say I am a professional and hopefully this will shape up my arms nicely. My family was watching me like some weirdo when I was using it, the next day when they had to wash, there was a power outage and then they were asking to use it. SMH. Anyway I am glad I bought this and would 100% recommend this to anyone.

Tip (and review):

This is definitely getting a workout. I love the ease of it. My trick is to do very mini loads. Easy to crank and less time messing around with heavy loads. Clothes come out clean and I love the cost of laundry .... basically FREE. In my apartment building you never know who or what has passed (literally) in the washers/dryers before you ... so this is a great option. Better than the dual things or combo washer/spinner machines. Got one of those and TOO BIG, TOO NOISY. THIS I can wash 24/7 and bother NOBODY. I'm 70 and if I can crank it, anyone can.


I've been going to the Gym 5-6 days a week and found it challenging to wash gym clothes every other day. I live in an apartment, and the community wash room would cost me a fortune to wash and dry 5 days a week. I needed something to supplement in between regular loads of laundry, and this little washer was perfect! It can fit gym pants, a shirt or 2, some undies, and a few socks. I can now do 2 small loads a week, and hang dry overnight. The washer itself takes up very little space, and if anyone is looking to utilize this washer for similar use, I would highly recommend pre-soaking before washing, and doing a 2nd rinse. Everything comes out super fresh! This washer has become a life-saver, and a money-saver as well. Great investment!

Got mine today and did 14 loads. Works excellent!!! Fast, easy to use, little effort, and the kids had fun spinning it. I didn't follow the washing instructions exactly. I put 2 gallons for washing and after draining, I put 2 gallons for rinsing. I also used only 3 tablespoons of detergent per full load instead of the 4. It is also easier to push it around instead of using the handle but either way was fine. Totally happy with this purchase.

This little machine makes miracles! I bought it to use it for cloth diapers, since I wanted to wash them everyday but I didn't want to use a full laundry machine every day. And it worked! I followed the directions provided and it does the job. I am really happy with the performance of this little eco machine and for a student or anyone that can't afford a laundry machine or like me, that needed to wash a small amount of clothes everyday, this is totally worth!


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