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DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor

DrKea Automatic Portable Large Screen BP Wrist Cuff Monitor Blood Pressure Kit

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  • EASY TO USE - DrKea Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor is fully automatic and reads your blood pressure with a click of a button once you have it on. No more fussing around complicated set ups. Comes with 2 AAA Batteries (packed in box) and ready to use upon receiving!
  • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT & HYPERTENSION INDICATOR - Monitor your heartbeat while you measure your blood pressure makes DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor a highly trustable professional home care blood pressure kit for you and your family.
  • CLINICALLY ACCURATE - DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor uses advanced optimized measuring calibration that gives you the most reliable and accurate reading. FDA and CE Approved. Recommended by Doctors and Physicians.
  • RECALL LAST 20 READINGS - Recall previous 20 readings without saving it in the memory functions, making it easy to monitor even if you have forgotten to save your BP readings. Date and time stamps are automatically saved when set up correctly. Easy instructions in the instruction manual. Heartbeat rate and hypertension indicators are tracked as well!

Normal Blood Pressure:
Systolic Blood Pressure: 90-139mmHg | Diastolic Pressure: 60-89mmHg 

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Systolic Blood Pressure: ≥140mmHg | Diastolic Pressure: ≥90mmHg

Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension): Systolic Blood Pressure: ≤90mmHg | Diastolic Pressure: ≤60mmHg

Rest for 5 minutes in sitting position before using the bp monitor. Place your elbow on the table and lift your wrist to your heart level. Relax while the bp monitor measures your blood pressure.

Lightweight and compact, DrKea+ K900 Elite fits easily inside backpacks, purses, or luggage. Perfect for traveling - Monitor your health while on the go! Comes with storage case. 


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